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This website,, developed and maintained by its Publisher and Editor Richard Lord, is dedicated to the 7th District as a community service to showcase its contribution to St. Mary's County, State of Maryland, our nation, and the world for its unique influence in universal civility on the forefront of religious tolerance and religious freedom. This website also intends to promote and enhance the 7th District as a community well worth visiting & playing, dining & shopping, frequenting its businesses, and as a place in which to live to retire & raise a family. Please check this website daily as it continually changes with additions and edits as a work-in-progress (last updated September 23, 2019).

All written depictions and statements are based on noted facts and the Editor's opinions that he may freely express legally protected as a matter of Freedom of Speech, which was a founding principle of the 7th District. The divulgence of cited facts and the characterizations and ratings of 7th District Businesses, and non-profit Community Service Organizations, likewise are protected. Those non-profits that accept government funds lose all rights to privacy of proprietary information, where now in the "public domain", it is all about fiscal responsibility and accountability for the expenditure of taxpayer money. Thus, they are subject to full public programmatic and financial scrutiny and disclosure (the County take care with its funds) as well as the legal provisions pertaining to transparency of 501 tax-exempt non-profit organizations. The publisher neither states facts that are knowingly incorrect nor expresses opinions that are intentionally false depictions to cause harm. The Publisher also has applied Truth to Power as he knows it to be being Tough but Fair. The publisher is most willing to make modifications should the facts show otherwise as long as they are not of the "alternative" kind, and change his opinions should situations change for the better or convince him his depictions are incorrect. Upon request, the editor may note and/or post any objections to the editorial comments of this website if they have a semblance of credulity, but should there not be any credible objections, then the commentary of this website must be considered to have merit. To date, no one has come forward with a legitimate objection addressed specifically to the content of this website.

The Editor presents all photographs and other such materials in this website pertaining to copyright provisions under the legal principle of "Fair Use" of the Copyright Law of the United States of America, Title 17, Section 107 of the United States Code. 

The bottom line is that any objection to the content of this website is not legally actionable.

Please enjoy this website and you may provide photographs and materials for inclusion into this website by emailing them to Richard Lord at Contributions in financial support of this website are most welcome. You also may submit paid ads and contact Richard for terms and price. Submit contributions and payments to Richard Lord 37145 Gibson Rd., Bushwood, MD 20618  Sincerely, Richard Lord, Bushwood, MD, Editor

About the Publisher

Richard Lord*1 and Dr. Nancy Lord Zearfoss*2 of Bushwood MD have lived and contributed to the 7th District for the better part of the past fifteen years. Richard has well served as the Chairman of the Blessing of the Fleet (BOF) for the 7th District Optimist Club for the past four years ending his service after 2018. Nancy has served as the Chairman of the BOF Parade. Nancy and Richard now serve on the Vestry of All Saints Episcopal Church on Oakley Rd. where they are actively involved in the restoration of the Church Chapel. Nancy and Richard also are involved in the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) program AKA Guardian ad Litem where they oversee the care and advocate to the court on behalf of the well-being of abused and neglected children placed in foster care for the Tri-county area primarily in St. Mary's County. See Nancy and Richard also are the 7th District Precinct Captions for the Democratic Party. Richard and likely Nancy shall be involved with the 2020 US Census, may knock on your door, but likely shall not ask you any citizenship questions.

Nancy had a prior career in the film industry in LA as a Location Manager on major films and TV series and prior to that won an EMMY for a TV series she produced for the Catholic Arch Diocese of San Francisco. Richard learned much from Nancy in running major outdoor events and benefitted from her continuous guidance.

Additionally, Nancy is a lead vocalist and keyboard player in classic rock bands in St. Mary's County and Charles County including the very popular Charles County band "The Bucket List" that shall be performing at the La Plata Town Hall on August on 17th for the La Plata Town Summer Concert Series.

Nancy's family of Dr. John and Mary Zearfoss have owned this Whites Neck Creek waterfront property on which Nancy and Richard live since the 1970's. Nancy and Richard purchased the property from her parents when they moved into a retirement community, and they live here full time since they retired from the federal government. For more about Richard and special spouse Nancy please go to Richard's personal website

*1  Richard Lord, Master of Public Administration (MPA), George Romney School of Public Management, Marriott School of Management, Brigham Young University*3 and retired federal executive with the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the Criminal Alien Division, Analyst-in-Charge (AIC) and

 *2 Nancy Lord Zearfoss, Ph.D., Public Policy and Management, John Glenn School of Public Affairs, The Ohio State University and retired federal executive with the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) Analyst-in-Charge (AIC). 

*3 Richard well-learned from Romney that in all things and above all else to act with integrity and honor and to accept no less in turn. Therein lies the rub.

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1. The 7th District of Yesteryear and Today

2. State and County Properties and Facilities in the 7th District

3. 7th District Public Schools

4. 7th District Churches

5. Saving & Restoring All Saints Church

6. All Saints Church Oakley Hall Rentals

7. 7th District Emergency Services

8. 7th District Community Service Organizations

9. Description & Rating of 7th District Community Service Organizations 

10. 7th District Optimist Club Overview & Critique

11. 7th District Businesses

12. Description & Ratings of 7th District Businesses

13. 7th District Advertisements

14. 7th District Upcoming Events & Announcements 

15. Lost & Found

15. In Memorial (Photos may be added and/or removed at family request)