7th District Community Service Organizations

7th District Optimist Club


 Richard Lord is the person pictured on the above cover of the County Times newspaper wearing a 7th District Optimist Club (Club) Blessing of the Fleet (BOF) shirt discussing the event in his role as Chairman from 2015-2018. The Club once was the premier community service organization in the 7th District, but that distinction now belongs to the St. Clément's Hundred and ACTS. A following page on this website entitled 7th District optimists contains attachments that explain the decline of the Club and 2019 BOF, and the page also on this website entitled 7th Service Orgs. Ratings also has an attachment that presents commentary on the Club's downfall.

St. Clément's Hundred


The St. Clément's Hundred is one of the premier community service organizations in the 7th District. The mission of the Hundred is the preservation of St. Clément's Island, the Blackistone Lighthouse, which it restored, and everything connected to the island. It has a very active membership, outstanding Board of Directors with the likes of the Bailey, Kopel, and Brown families, and with the able leadership of Joe "Tony" St. Clair as its President. Its principal fundraising event is the "Osprey Gala"

Mail Tax Deductible Donations to the St. Clément’s Hundred, P.O. box 71, Coltons Point, MD 20626

A Community That Shares (ACTS)


ACTS is the other premier 7th District community service organization. ACTS serves as a non-profit organization providing medical equipment to those in such need. It has an active and competent board of directors and well administered by its President Sam Brown. ACTS welcomes donations of equipment and funds

21808 Coltons Point Rd., Avenue MD 20609.   

PO Box 54, Bushwood, MD 20618 

email actsmail1@gmail.com

website www.acts.smc.org

7th District American Legion Post 221


The American Legion Post 221 serves Veterans of the 7th District. It is located at 21690 Coltons Point Rd., Avenue, MD 20609 PO Box 98

The picture above notes a venue for party and event rentals. alpost221@netscape.net


Don Cropp: Restorer, St. Clément's Island Blackistone Lighthouse & All Saints Episcopal Church


Don Cropp of Colony Builders restored the Blackistone Lighthouse and currently is restoring All Saints Episcopal Church. The 7th District is deeply indebted to Don for his foresight and dedication to the preservation of 7th District historic landmarks  

Colony Builders

18179 Giddings St., Valley Lee, MD 20692




Business, Education and Community Alliance (BECA)


BECA is not physically located in the 7th District but provides college scholarships to 7th District youth. BECA is ably administered by its board of directors and well managed by its President Bob Schaller. BECA welcomes donations for college scholarships

P.O. Box 153 Leonardtown, MD 20650      

240-257-BECA (2322)  smcbeca@gmail.com