7th District Emergency Services

7th District Vol. Rescue Squad


  The Rescue Squad was chartered in 1960 with 13 members. Ernest Foxwell (Fox) Burch was the President and Bob Arnold the Chief. For many years, the Squad met and housed its equipment at the Seventh District Volunteer Fire Department. Hospital services are in nearby Leonardtown.

In the mid 1970’s, the Squad purchased land and built their building at its present site. The present building has been renovated twice and currently houses 3 ambulances, a utility van, and 45 members. Eleven squad members have been inducted to the Southern Maryland Hall of Fame. The current President is Donald Phetteplace and the Chief is Hattie Norris. The Squad answered 393 calls in 2016.

The Auxiliary of the Rescue Squad was formed in 1972 and now consists of 25 members. Barbara Hill is the current Axillary President who has played a very large part in the fund raising efforts of the Squad. A major source of funding for the squad and the Axillary is memorial donations. Donations welcome.

The 7th District Rescue Squad is as competent as the very best rescue squad and has saved many lives,

The 7th District Rescue Squad's website is WWW.sdvrs59.org

7th District Vol. Fire Department


The 7th District Volunteer Fire Department was formed in March of 1949 and the Axillary in 1959. The Department serves the 7th District and parts of the 4th. The station is located on Coltons Point Rd. in Avenue. It was constructed in 1980 with an addition in 2018. 

The 40 members are all volunteers and take pride in their service to this historic and close knit 7th District community. They strive for excellence in fire suppression and prevention for the 7th District citizens and surrounding communities.  Donations welcome.

The 7th District Volunteer Fire Department is about the best there is anywhere.

The 7th District Volunteer Fire Department's website is www.sdvfd5.com